The hiding place (1989)

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Wandering Dreams (Lazzaruolo/Villanova)

Rivers of silence in a dumb conversation

You may say I’m afraid of your love


Just for a moment I am free from all problems

Then again I’m groping, groping in the dark


I saw the wandering dreams

They didn’t seem unreal

Frightned by their shadows

Waiting for no saviour

In the kingdom of illusion

Led by no Lord or ruler

They spent their time in peace

In endless tea parties


1. Wandering dreams

Seventh wave (Lazzaruolo Villanova)

Say your lines

Can’t tell the truth from the lies

I always feel so insecure


Reign of shadows

Here I’m wasting my time

So hard to live just like a man


Save your life

It’d be better to pack all your bags

Away from this wasted land


Guilty, I know I’m so guilty

’cause I can’t hate these men

Godforsaken men

I’m tortured by hope

Visited by despair

And these animals affairs are not for me

Sadness is my only malady


Change your life

You’re throwing your time away

So sad to act the same old play



In the bazaar of fantasy

I saw the demons made by God

And led to earth by a woman

You were so envious

Now we’re together

I’m the victim of your acts


I have the right to be wrong

Don’t want advice from now on

It’s so sweet to loose control


2. Seventh wave

Half human town (Lazzaruolo/Villanova)

Weary shadows, moving under this old sun

Silent ghosts crawling on a rainy day

Playing songs of solitude

That I heard in the street today

Thinking about the things that I dreamt

When I used to dream


Needing oh so much the comfort

Of a friendly face

There is no communication

With the world outside my room

Thinking about the things that I dreamt

When I used to dream


I can see the world only through a veil of ashes

I’m the actor who decided to leave his stage

And now I just want to be forgotten

By the world…




3. Half human town

Interlude (Lazzaruolo/Villanova)

My friend I’d like to play my song in front of you

I hope you’ll listen carefully to my tunes

I’m shaking like a leaf singing my experience on this stage

I don’t know how to find the right words to speak straight to your heart


All through the night I’ll be honest with myself

And I’m not selling emotions to anyone

All through the night I’ll just try to prove myself

Someone can sometimes hear my call


I really don’t want to deceive you

Only the fools believe that a song can change the world

It’s such a strange way to dabble in politics by the tunes

So I can’t promise you any better world

I’ll not tell you the things you have to do

My only advice is: never mind the ravens on the papers

Who never stop of writing ridiculous lies


I know that I can hardly win my game

And I know that hardly my voice can reach to your ears

My only hope is you pay attention

’cause silence hurts me much more then wrongs


I don’t want to be another slave of swing

I can only listen to the rhythm of my heart

And nothing can change my mind

I don’t care for the false smiles and false applause of tv people

I can’t trust a word that they say

I have no time to lose for bleeding hearts

I found my way through anguish and tears


4. Interlude


5. A Legacy Of Allegiance

Screaming Cassandra (Lazzaruolo/Villanova)

Light as a shadow I’ll glide out of my picture

Advancing blindfold through the crossfire of your tongues



I’ll be the hero who courts death

While a ride of shadows will fill my mind


I’ll fight my war against all

After the defeat I will go to my exile


Another journey ’round my room

Maybe I’ll find myself confiding in a stranger

And he will be bored with this tale without lies


Oh, sure I maybe lost the sight all those things

Which you call respect, never, never forget

Senses of guilt suggest the best moves to my enemies


Sometimes I feel like I couldn’t dream anymore,

other times I’m prisoner of my day-dream

maybe “it all depend on sex”

and I’m entrapped by emotions


But you just won’t hear my passion

Eyes lost in an invisible distance

And so I’m back to my picture

I’ll become a recollection of familiar face


I’m safe only in my ivory tower

Locked in the dead man’s dream


A living statue which once lived a life of his own…



6. Screaming Cassandra In The Desert

Like the wind (Lazzaruolo/Villanova)

Some nights stars seem to drown in the sky

And we search in vain for a guiding light

Then we paint our pain with the darkest colours

And let the nightmares dwell our dreams

Alone in the realm of our rooms we dare to glance at our vanities


I often think that we don’t want avoid our frailties

Always searching for that guiding light

So events turn upside down our existence


…’till we are reduced to a shadow

a trembling spectre who begs for help

I know where all loves end…


7. Like The Wind

Lumieres dans la nuit (Lazzaruolo/Villanova)

In this life full of sorrow

I’m becoming a living martyr of my faith

Covered by the silence of remorse

I’ve reached the point of indolence

We’re like the calm of dust…


No emotion can disturb me

They passed me by like the clouds

On the surface of a lake

As i meet people with no hope, no fear


Among the shadows of this Nosferatu life

I’m frightened to be frightened in front of this ordinary people

I can only read the frost in their minds

And I’m lost in the labyrinth of doubt


Spied by people who can’t understand

What the hell I’m doing in this hopeless country

No escape from this sorrow


In this life full of sorrow

I’m becoming a living martyr of my faith

Covered by the silence o f remorse

I’ve reached the point of indolence

We’re like the calm of dust….


No emotion can disturb me

They passed me by like the clouds

On the surface of a lake

As I meet people with no hope, no fear


In the city of the lights

We let the shadows rise from the ruins of our illusion

And our regret become tears on the past

Now I’m wondering what I’ll do next

But it’s like I’m living a kind of deja-vu…..



8. Lumieres Dans La Nuit

The hiding place (Lazzaruolo/Villanova)

My hiding place: loneliness is our tireless ruler

It walks invisible at our side

It joins our words

It edges the margins of our eyelids

It lights with sadness the fires of our soul

We feed on its mysterious shadow

Its bewitcher shadow

Recognizing the absence of limits

For its inexplicable presence

Today I feel in my heart

A vague tenderness

I try to catch it and to bring into the light

I try to wring it from the darkness

To the depths

But I can’t reach my goal

It slips from my hands

And it’s shattered at the grounds of my thought

(lyrics by Gabriella Foia)


9. The Hiding Place


10. Nocturne

To one in paradise (Lazzaruolo/Villanova)

I saw your picture on the papers

You were the talk of the town

I heard about a dreadful crime

I found it hard to believe


I saw your picture on the TV

There was a man who looked like you

Someone I met long time before

Someone who was close to me


I read your words on the paper

And they didn’t mean much to me

And I couldn’t bear

That wild joy in your eyes


One day I saw you in the street

You were free at last

Your wife, a star with no light

No need of words between us


I really didn’t know who you were

I remember I thought

Here is a man who lives in a land

Ruled by a wrong sense of honour


And now you’re respectable in the eyes of your world

There was a strange light

In your eyes I have noticed before


11. To One In Paradise

The fool (Lazzaruolo/Villanoav)

A song no one can hear

Pure as a child

Glad to live

Even with those monsters of normality

Waving on a lake of placidity


Among the troubles

Of this mad roundabout

Withdrawn from this world

In trance while you’re looking the film of your life


Wandering in the street of your town

You see busy little men

Running after their dreams

You have to bear cruel tricks

From their children

Their children


So strange, so different

So glad, so close to God


Lost every trace if respectability

Since from the cradle or during their lives

Patient witness in our comedy of errors

How cruel we are to these human beings



12. The Fool


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